Suki is definitely not a morning puppy!

As most of you know I have a tiny, long-haired chihuahua who is pretty much the love of my life. I'm crazy about her! I hate sounding like one of those gushing, weirdo dog-lovers, but it's true. She never ceases to make me laugh or put a smile on my face and during these last several months of being ill, she was always by my side. Sleeping is her favorite past time. I usually wake up pretty early despite the fact that I always go to bed late. I wouldn't go as far as labeling myself a morning person, but I'm not really grumpy either. I'm just really quiet and lethargic until I have my first cup of coffee. Suki, on the other hand, loves to sleep in! I often joke about her having narcolepsy. So of course I got bored when she wouldn't wake up this morning and after having my second cup of coffee I decided to try and get some glamour shots of my girl.

This is her, barely conscious thinking, "Oh God! Here we go again!"
Now she's thinking, "Hurry up and take the frickin' picture already so I can go back to sleep! And if you use the flash I'm gonna cut you!"
This look says, "Pop, you're killin' me!"

Now I ask you--how can you ever have a bad day when you start your morning looking at that face?

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