Let's get back to some knitting!

I was looking over some of my blog entries today and it seems it's a little skinny in the knitting department. After all, that's why I named the blog, "The Knitting Mill." I knit every day and I've recently finished several projects, but I've just been procrastinate about posting them. I get so anxious to start the next project. Here's a sweater I made for my sister, Kimberly. I think it's the first thing I've made her. I make lots of things for her kids, so she hinted to being a bit jealous. She's an awesome 5th grade teacher at a low-income school district. She has the patience of Job and has an uncanny ability to keep kids engaged. She wanted an oversized sweater that she could throw on in the classroom regardless of what she was wearing. She had three criteria: extra long sleeves, a shawl collar and a neutral color. So here you go...

The pattern is the Portland Cardigan on The Lion Brand website and it's a free download. The yarn I used was their organic wool in Toffee. The seaming is abundant! I'm on of those weird knitters who like seaming and finishing work, but if you don't I wouldn't recommend this pattern. I should have done some short-row shaping on the left and right fronts to accommodate her ample bosom as it pulls up on the bottom front (see profile shot), but I'll just chalk it up to a learning experience this time. She liked it, so that's what mattered. I think the smile on her face tells all!

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  1. If sister tires of the sweater I gladly take hand me downs. Looks like something you'd go to every single day. Great job. Lucky sister.


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