Knit Knomenclature

If you are a newbie to knitting, (WELCOME!, we stitch in peace) you will quickly be made aware of a vast colloquial language usually accompanying any hobby, sport, craft or activity. Just like learning to cast on and make that first knit stitch, it's a process--and for the most part--intuitive. This is by no means meant to be an all inclusive list, but will provide you with some more common fiber jargon to get you introduced and, at the very least, let you know what's being said at your knitting circle/LYS or on Ravelry!

  • K          knit
  • P           purl
  • PU        pick up/pick up & knit
  • YO       yarn over
  • M1L     make 1 left
  • M1R     make 1 right
  • RS        right side (of work or public side)
  • WS       wrong side (of work)
  • CO        cast on
  • BO        bind off
  • K2tog    k 2 sts together at the same time
  • P2tog     purl 2 sts together at the same time
  • tbl          through back loop (of the stitch)
  • PSSO    pass slipped stitch over
  • st(s)       stitch(es)
  • DPNs    double pointed needles
  • yf           yarn front
  • yb          yarn back
  • pm         place marker
  • SS          stockinette stitch
  • FO         finished object
  • UFO      unfinished object
  • WIP       work in progress
  • tink        "knit" spelled backwards, as to unknit one st at a time
  • frog        to rip back work, "rip it, rip it" (I didn't write this stuff)
  • DH         dear husband
  • DW        dear wife
  • DD         dear daughter
  • DS         dear son
  • KAL      knit along
  • garter stitch
    • knitted flat--k all sts on all rows
    • knitted in the round--*k all sts on 1 round, p all sts on 1 round* repeat between the *'s
garter stitch
  • stockinette stitch
    • knitted flat--*k all sts on RS rows, purl all sts on WS rows
    • knitted in the round--*k all sts on all rounds
sockinette stitch
  • reverse stockinette stitch
    • literally the "back side" of stockinette st
reverse stockinette

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