New Pattern Coming Soon...

I was very honored when asked to contribute a design to the upcoming Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat!  I wanted to design something masculine, autumnal and befitting the unique camaraderie of male knitters.  I came up with a cabled sock pattern that would present a bit of a challenge to those guys newer to our craft and interesting enough to keep the attention of our more experienced brethren—pun intended.  The sock is knit from the top, down, with a traditional heel flap and gusset.  On the leg, braided plait cables liberate two of their legs at different intervals forming rope cables and eventually single ribs.  Likewise, the starting ribs incorporate the two legs to become plait cables themselves that travel down the length of the instep and the heel flap.  While the pattern would befit a male or female, the sock is sized specifically for larger feet.  The pattern will be distributed (gratis) to all attendees of the retreat and will then go on sale to the general public after November 14, 2011.  All proceeds will be donated to the Men's Retreat Scholarship fund.

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