I finally made it out of the bell jar!

I'm BACK! It's been a long time since I've posted anything! Actually, I've been remiss in most areas of my life. Between trying to get better from my A.S. and mending a broken heart (still in process) over the last several months I feel like I can finally see a minuscule glimmer of light in the road ahead. Whew! I was beginning to think I'd never see light again. I hope everyone had a great holiday and I wish you a very happy New Year!!! I very rarely make resolutions for the new year (mostly cause I never seem to follow through and can't handle the ensuing Catholic boy guilt that always accompanies my failure of anything). This year, however, I'm going to make a strong effort to be more positive in all aspects of my life. In general, I haven't had an ongoing malevolent view of the world, but from somebody on the outside looking into my existence over my very recent past they would readily see and understand the definition of macabre! So there it is...time to put on the rose colored glasses and hopefully gain some useful information about myself and valuable life lessons. I figure it's gotta start from within. Anyways, I pretty much started this blog as a way for my friends and family to stay in touch with the happenings of my life and save me the task of drawing up and sending out an annual holiday newsletter (I hate those). It also serves the purpose of sharing my fiber endeavors with all of my knitting friends. For those of you who don't "know" me I thought I would share some of myself with you, and for those who are in the inner circle, it may give you the opportunity to learn something you never knew. Without further adieu, here are 50 things about the Mill that you may have never wanted to know...

1. I am a very confident gay man, and I first told my Mom when I was 12 years old.
2. I am "old-fashioned" when it comes to matters of the heart and believe in courting!
3. I LOVE chocolate, but HATE chocolate chip cookies! (I know! I'm a freak)
4. I loathe the word "moist"! (I threw up a little in my mouth just typing it)
5. My first name is Dennis, although I've never used it as an adult.
6. I've never had a "one night stand."
7. I hate sleeping with socks on or the sheets tucked in at the foot of the bed.
8. I started shaving daily at the age of 13.
9. I speak Spanish. Yo hablo espanol.
10. I hate talking on the phone, but love to text.
11. I played the trumpet for 8 years.
12. I cry at movies.
13. I graduated valedictorian of my high school class and with honors from college.
14. I can list all of the helping verbs in the english language on demand.
15. I got my tonsils removed in fourth grade.
16. I get very annoyed when people don't add the "ly" to the end of adverbs!
17. I can juggle.
18. My favorite sound is the sigh my dog makes after spinning 8 times & falling into place.
19. I don't believe in the adage that blood is thicker than water.
20. I'm a critical care/trauma nurse.
21. I hate yogurt (even the frozen kind).
22. Laughing until I pee a little is my favorite emotion.
23. I LOVE to cuddle and I'm very good at it.
24. I'm a perfectionist with anything I feel is worth doing.
25. I HATE bugs, but will try to shoo them out of the house as opposed to killing them.
26. I'm a bed-wetting liberal.
27. My sister is one of my personal heroes.
28. I always give up my seat for a lady or senior citizen.
29. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
30. I think clowns are the scariest thing on the planet!
31. I would rather knit than do (almost) anything else.
32. I love holding hands.
33. I have very nice feet.
34. My thumbs are "double-jointed".
35. I was lucky enough to grow up with all 4 grandparents and 2 great-grandparents.
36. My favorite color is robin's egg blue.
37. I'm very patient.
38. I'm a serial procrastinator.
39. I believe I was a black woman in a past life.
40. I play the piano.
41. I'm a slow reader.
42. I have a single simian crease on my right hand often associated with Down syndrome.
43. My favorite guilty pleasure is getting a pedicure.
44. I am the only person in my nuclear family or extended family over 6 ft. tall.
45. I hate mean people.
46. I believe that gay people should have the federal, legal right to marry.
47. I love to watch reality TV.
48. I've never been unfaithful to a boyfriend or partner.
49. My ethnicity is a mix of French, German, Italian and American Indian.
50. I love roller coasters.

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  1. "The bell jar hung, suspended, a few feet above my head. I was open to the circulating air...I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am." ~Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar,

    your ravelry friend,


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