My name is Mill and I'm a UFOaholic!

It's time that I just admit it to myself! I'm a UFOaholic! For those of you who are not knitters and/or not well versed in knitting acronyms, UFO stands for unfinished object; in other words, a project that you jovially start and are major excited about until the next pattern or yarn catches your eye and you put the first project down to knit the second one, and so on and so on. You always tell yourself that you are going to continue to work on the first piece intermittently while knitting the new piece which would be a good idea, and help you keep your interest, in theory! Unfortunately, I have probably 10 UFO's in various stages of completion and at least 3 that I haven't started yet, but bought the yarn for! These don't count, however, because until the first stitch is cast on the yarn is officially known as stash. I know, I have a problem! Judy, my Mom, asked me just this afternoon, "Sweetie, how many projects do you have going exactly?" as she peered over all of my wonderful fiber endeavors stacked up on the couch and in the corner. I tried to shirk the question by making a joke and stating "Nundja" as in "None of your Business"! So, here is my admonition of my problem and it's out there for everyone to see. I stand before you naked except for the exuberant amount of wool, alpaca, and silk that adorns me. Now let me not fool you, for I am not alone in the ADD knitting illness-oh no,no. It seems ubiquitous that knitters always have a few projects going (OK, maybe not as much as mine), but I've even been validated as a "real knitter" by a woman at one of my LYS (local yarn stores) just for admitting to the fact that I have a few projects in process simultaneously. So, maybe I need an intervention, but I rather love my passion for knitting and never forget about my UFO's. And, indeed, I do go back to some of them from time to time. However, I publicly make the vow to not buy one more skein of Rowan Scottish Tweed, not one more hank of Malabrigo Merino Worsted until all my current projects are knitted! Who am I kidding--I think this is what 12 step programs refer to when they say the first step in conquering the problem is admitting to there actually being a problem. So along those lines, I'll share with you the beginnings of a new hat I'm making for myself in Malabrigo. It's the Column of Leaves hat pattern by Brooke Nelson. It looks sort of like a scarf at the moment, but it's actually the rim of the hat that will be joined into a ring to have stitches picked up from the side of the ring for the crown of the hat. Hopefully, it will be followed up by the coordinating scarf to go with it! That is, until the next cool pattern, gorgeous yarn or important purpose presents itself...OH!, how the flesh is weak! God grant me the serenity to accept the UFO's that I will not knit, the strength to knit the things I can, and the wisdom to know I will never be a one-project-at-a-time knitter. Amen!

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