I Offer NO Excuses!

'tis true!  i'm still alive.  if there is one thing I've learned by reading a ton of blogs, is that there is an ubiquitous trait of vacancy at some point in one's blog posting career!  i could say life has been crazy, but life tends to always be like that, so NO EXCUSES!  i was gone for too long, I humbly beg your pardon, and i will try my best to put more effort into updating on a regular basis.  bueno!  let's move on to some knitting shall we?

first of all, you have probably noticed that i'm undergoing a bit of a cyber reconstruction here at the knitting mill!  it's not done yet, but it will be over the next couple of weeks (i hope)!  i'm planning on heading in the direction of a sort of "how to knit for smarties" blog.  i'll be including techniques from basic to advanced, tips i've picked up along the way and i will start posting my own patterns.  yes, i'm budding into a novice knitwear designer!  so, lets see if i have any idea about what i'm talking about.  i've uploaded a fair isle chart under "free patterns" called "la fleur de cadien (the flower of the cajuns).  i LOVE the symbol of the fleur de lis and it's sort of taken on a positive persona of faith, strength and recovery since the devastation of hurricane katrina here in south louisiana.  stay tuned, because there will be a hat, scarf, mitten set utilizing the chart appearing very soon!

lastly, be expecting a lot of fo eye candy over the next couple of weeks!  while I may have been absent here in the knitting mill, i haven't been apart from my needles!  i've got lots of projects to share...speaking of which...i present you with socrates' suicide shroud (a.k.a. the hemlock ring blanket adapted by jared flood).  i LOVED knitting this throw!!!  It's one of those knits that you thoroughly enjoy from the minute you cast on and are quite saddened when you bind off that last stitch.

fiber knit picks wool of the andes bulky, in "masala" (my new favorite color)
sticks  US 7 for c.o. & increased every few rounds until US 10
start the tk's disappearing loop c.o.
finish the knit bo as written in pattern

ain't it got a purdy mouth?

i love this so much, that when I pulled it off of my blocking matts i had to go straight over to my mama and slap her!  i put so much stink on it the taste flew right out!

you can read all of the dirty details on my ravelry page. thanks to my faithful followers for staying with me!  stay tuned...say hi to your mom and them!


  1. I love the charts you have done and the lace is gawgeous! I can't wait to see what else you have planned. You have been a very busy guy.

  2. MAn, the new blog is so BIG! like fontwise, or it could be my computer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you made your header...... looks like you're a guru in photoshop. I need some tips and tricks to spice up my own.
    And that lace in worsted weight it super cool. Hope to meet ya someday


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