I'm finally able to KNIT...Thank God!!!

Finally, the tremors I was having because of my A.S. have settled down to the point to where I can knit again! They still come intermittently, but don't last too long and allow me to get some pretty good knitting in before they creep back and I have to take a break. Hey, at this point I'll take what I can get! It's amazing how "not myself" I feel when I'm not knitting. I just don't seem complete, or settled, whole even.

I started working on a Mawl (man+shawl) for Tracy. When we picked out the felted tweed by Rowan at the Vermillion Bay Yarn Company he originally requested a traditional striped scarf like the ones they had on display at the store. However, there are times when I'd rather stick a needle in my eye (which I had the unfortunate experience of happening, btw) than to knit a plain scarf. Sometimes I don't mind it--sometimes I really enjoy some mindless knitting, but because my knitting has been on hiatus for a while I wanted to grit my teeth into something a bit more interesting. It's the "Boneyard Shawl" (Ravelry link) by Stephen West with some color variations. I hope he likes it as he doesn't know I swayed from the original plan yet. I think he'll like it! First of all, Trace loves trendy and these things are really popular right now, additionally, he has a brown leather jacket that he loves to wear that this will go perfectly with, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed until I give it to him and hope for the best! Here's a preview...

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