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No Digital Love Without the eGlove

This is a handsome, customizable “glove” for your iPad, MacBook, Laptop, netbook, notebook, eReader, etc. Directions are given for minimal striping and a multi-toned cable, but the sky’s the limit for personalization. Choose a favorite cable, decorative stitch, intarsia chart or stranded color pattern to give your eGlove even more personal panache. The eGlove not only adds flair, but serves as a bit of protection while your electronic device is not in use. This is a quick, easy project that makes an excellent gift and is perfect for using up scrap yardage in your stash!

netBook eGlove 

Easy 6 stitch cable with duplicate stitching in navy and khaki
Directions include sizing info, technique for cleaner stripes in ribbing, &
video links for jogless stripes and cabling sans cable needles.

Made for my niece's computer utilizing the fair isle pattern from
Chelsea Fowler-Biondolillo's Skull Isle Pattern
as published in Debbie Stoller's book, "Son of Stitch 'n Bitch"


  1. I love that computer sleeve! The skulls look great at that size.

  2. Thanks Chelsea! It's a great pattern. I thought I linked the caption back to you and Rav, but I guess I forgot. It's now rectified!


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