The Ubiquitous Fugly Holiday Sweater

Today, you'd be hard pressed to find a single person in any civilized society across the globe who has not yet been acquainted with the iconic, gaudy holiday jumper.  It's become its own entity immortalized in film, celebrated as a holiday party theme and serving as the topic of countless websites, blogs, magazine articles and, yes, even coffee table books.  Personally, speaking as a knitter, I have a love/hate relationship with the festive phenomenon, as probably do most people (though they may never want to admit to it).  I've included a few for your perusal...

♫...Do you hear what I hear....♪ No, but I sure as hell want to Miss Kringle! I sure as hell want to!

I'd bet all of my Christmas booty that this couple has every Precious Moments figurine ever made in their curio!

We couldn't limit all the embarrassment fun to the Gentiles could we?

We feel your pain Mr. Jingles!

If I wasn't gay before, I DEFINITELY would be now! ...REALLY GAY!

I think I've found the future Mr. Knitting Mill!!!

Unfortunately, not even festive fashion could cure Gwen's holiday blues.

Boy, that Uncle Bob sure can fill out a sweater in all the right places.

BITCH, you stole my look!

Gigi wasn't going to let a little thing like lost luggage spoil her good time. PARTY ON!

I think we may be able to do a bit better...

(to be continued)


  1. LOVE IT! I think we all can relate!I personaly have had a good fashion sence that has prevented me from the goudy sweater, however I have relatives who don't share my good sence and have burned these images in mind for all eterity!!!! LOL LOL

  2. Classic! Thanks for the smiles! Loved the poem on Ravelry, too...

  3. Wow! You found some ones I've never seen.
    Thanks for posting them! It definitely gave me a laugh!


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