Look Who's Coming to Dinner

I recently posted on a Ravelry thread the age old question (as it pertains to knitting anyway), "If you could invite any three famous knitters to dinner, past or present, who would they be?"

After some thoughtful reflection, I finally solidified my choices:

Elizabeth Zimmermann (aka Knitting Goddess)

  • She taught me to think outside of a pattern
  • I share her obsession passion for knitting 
  • I adore her unapologetic, witty candor 
Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed) 
  • He has an amazing eye and beautiful esthetic 
  • He’s my favorite male designer 
  • He's so cute I want to pick him up & put him in my pocket!
  • He’s my knitting superhero & I want to be him when I grow up
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka Yarn Harlot)  (last, but definately not least)
  • My favorite emotion is laughing until I pee a little 
  • She’s one of my favorite knitting bloggers
  • She has that whole “Demi Moore-raspy-sexy-voice” thing, so I could listen to her for hours
  • Though she is an incredibly proliferative, experienced knitter, she has the uncanny ability to approach each new project with a contagious excitement and curiosity of a new knitter
So who would you choose?


  1. Humor is wonderful and you've started my day off right!! A bit off topic BUT...In my tatting world...I'd want to invite Tatman aka Mark M. (Male tatter from the U.S., wonderful tatter and designer), Jane E. (From England, a Great designer and Humorist), and Jon Y. (from Malaysia and very prolific in tatworld).

  2. I think I'd chose the same three, actually!

  3. I've been giving this some more thought, as you do (you know, all the vital things that circulate in my brain at 4 am when I can't sleep) ... I think I'd actually invite :

    Marnie McLean
    Norah Gaughan and
    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

  4. Very funny !!!
    if you have Jared in your pocket, I'll choose Stephen West - can you swap ??


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