Millard Fontenot for The Knitting Mill
Methodology: Bottom up, seamless, raglan, rugby-styled pullover knit in the round
Sticks: US4 DPN's, US6 DPN's, US7 straight, US9 24" circular
Fiber: Bulky wt. yarn with DK wt 3/4 sleeves
Gauge: 15 sts = 4" (bulky wt. with largest needle)

    Size                          FO Chest   
S 12-18mos              21-22”
M 2T-3T                   25-26”
L 4T-5T                    28-29"

I'm so stoked to introduce my inaugural independent design -- "Positive Chi."  I feel like I just gave birth and need to send out engraved announcements!  I've had this design in my mind's eye for quite some time.  It's truly a unique and rewarding experience when you think of a design idea, then conceptualize it and finally bring it to fruition as a tangible product, completing the circle.  The jumper you see here is exactly what my vision looked like months ago, which is pretty rare for me.

I typically possess a very organic design process. In fact, where I might have a mental picture of what I'm going for, rarely do I end up with a product that is remotely close to the initial vision. The actual knitting of a piece serves to free my mind and I play around with ideas as they come.  Despite all of the brainstorming, it's a very meditative experience and centers me.  This, project was a little different in it's execution. I did sketch for this and neither the garment nor the construction ended up being much different from it's notional conception.  I don't know if it speaks to a maturing creative process or it's just an anomaly.  Either way, I thought it was quite successful and I'm really happy with the results...

To those beginner knitter's out there, please don't let the look fool you! It's not nearly as complicated as you might think and I honestly kept the novice and experienced knitter in mind when writing the pattern. My goal was for the beginner to learn new techniques while incorporating enough "meat" to hold advanced knitters' interests. I've included very detailed instruction, with thorough explanations of techniques and on-line resources.  I've also added tips and notes through every stage, as well as alternate color palettes and suggestions for modification. I hope it's an enjoyable knit for anyone who gives it a go. It's also a deceivingly quick knit in the bulky wt. yarn.

The graphics are done after completion of the knitting in duplicate stitch.  I wanted the knitter to have full reign on placement and the ability to use different graphics or none at all.  If you're not terribly fond of duplicate stitch, it would be very easy to complete the graphics in intarsia as you knit the body by following the included charts for the chihuahua and paw prints.  The ease in sizing is generous to assure longevity of wear.  By the time you get this one finished, it will be perfect timing for those "back to school" cooler days!

Your little tike or tikette (I didn't forget about the girls in the alternate color suggestions) will be the envy of all his/her classmates and it's sure to become a favorite Fall/Winter staple in their wardrobe!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the pattern via the contact link here or through my Ravelry profile. You will always have my ongoing technical support with every purchase.

Positive Chi PDF
$6.00 USD

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